About - Yourmama

Maybe we should talk about our qualities and all our awards. But we believe that what matters in the end is the talent and our willingness to bring these talents into the world. A true mother's heart who works her talents not for her reel, but to build an authentic, meaningful and aspirational story together. We are a collective of producers, directors, writers and artists who seek creativity at every point of our work, be it a commercial, a feature film or a branded content.

Mayra Auad

Graduated in Business Administration, Mayra Faour Auad is a creative producer whose focus is the development of talents and ideas. In the last years has been dedicated to the creation of companies in the segment of cinema, entertainment and advertising in Brazil. Founder and CEO of YOURMAMA, a production house that has been in the market for 6 years, producing commercials, feature films, TV series and branded content. She is also a partner and founder of the startup PANDORA'S BOX, wardrobe and scene objects rental, and Piccolo Filmes, production house created to attend limited budgets with a small and intelligent production structure. Her latest venture is the distributor PAGU, a company created to distribute Brazilian films to Brazilians and around the world and bring international films to the Brazilian market.

Mario Peixoto

Mario Peixoto has been active in the audio-visual production market since 2000. Today he works in the most diverse areas related to cultural production.